Foreclosure Security

Foreclosure properties are often targeted for theft, vandalism and unauthorized occupation. Armstrong Security & Investigations keep trouble out, no matter what form it takes.

Managing a foreclosed property should never be an issue of safety. With Armstrong Security & Investigations, your vacant property security is no longer an issue, no matter the neighborhood or the property. We work with all types of services, receivers, property management, and bank asset managers, enabling you to quickly and easily secure your building so you can move on.

By keeping unauthorized persons out, we help you effectively prevent crime, accidents and damage caused by vandalism, flooding and fire. When you use Armstrong Security & Investigations, you can manage more properties and worry less.


"An ALS employee responded immediately upon our request and assisted in a tense situation."

— School Administrator

"The dismissed employee was handled properly and made a very bad situation into an easy process."

— Banking Executive

"Each and every time that we have a situation, they respond and provide all the tellers with a sense of security after a tense situation."

— Banking Executive

"We had to remove our head of security and they handled it accordingly with no stress to fellow employees."

— Business Executive

Vision Statement

Armstrong Security & Investigations seeks to be the highest quality security company in Pennsylvania:

Being the best service provider our clients have ever had.

Being the best employer our employees have ever worked for.

Continuously improving on all aspects of our business while building on a reputation of excellence.

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Mission Statement

To provide the very best security and consulting services for our clients by demonstrating responsiveness, diligence, judgment and building on our reputation of professionalism.

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