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Unlike other companies, our emergency planning experts have real-world experience responding to and managing emergencies. Our experts are retired law enforcement officers having planned for and responded to intruders at schools, riots, strikes, college homecoming weekends, sporting and other events attended by thousands, concerts, parades, police and military funerals, and the 2009 G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, PA, to name a few.

professional security personnel

Guiding Principles


Establish lasting relationships and exceed their expectations.


Embrace the diversity of our employees and clients we work with.


Maintain a culture where our employees feel valued.


Always using good judgment and doing what is right.


Lead by example with “attitude is everything.”


Achieve excellence at all service levels by hiring the most qualified retired Pennsylvania State Troopers and municipal police officers.


“Whatever it takes, and more.”


Sharing knowledge, talents, and skills with our clients, staff and law enforcement.

Retired PA State Troopers and active duty and retired municipal police officers.

Confidentiality, Professionalism,
Security, Safety and Protection.

Armstrong Security and Investigations has the following experience, training,
and equipment to complete each mission as required by the client. 

Fully Insured
Covered by Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

Affiliated Organizations

  • Alle Kiski Strong Chamber of Commerce Member
  • Certified A.L.I.C.E. active shooter trainer
  • ALOA Security Professionals Association
  • International Association of Investigative Locksmiths
  • NCISS – National Council of Investigation and Security Services
  • PALI – Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators
  • Prior Law Enforcement Experience

Seminars, Classes & Certifications


A.L.I.C.E. active shooter trainer

CPR & AED Training

First Aid


"An ALS employee responded immediately upon our request and assisted in a tense situation."

— School Administrator

"The dismissed employee was handled properly and made a very bad situation into an easy process."

— Banking Executive

"Each and every time that we have a situation, they respond and provide all the tellers with a sense of security after a tense situation."

— Banking Executive

"We had to remove our head of security and they handled it accordingly with no stress to fellow employees."

— Business Executive

Armstrong Security & Investigations is a Veteran Owned Company

Vision Statement

Armstrong Security & Investigations seeks to be the highest quality security company in Pennsylvania:

Being the best service provider our clients have ever had.

Being the best employer our employees have ever worked for.

Continuously improving on all aspects of our business while building on a reputation of excellence.

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Mission Statement

To provide the very best security and consulting services for our clients by demonstrating responsiveness, diligence, judgment and building on our reputation of professionalism.

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